Tips for Talking with Your Child About Sex

Just saying the words aren't enough. The quality of your conversations about sex can make a huge difference!


Campus Sex...With a Syllabus

Lessons about consent have been few and far between for many. Check out what Jonathan Kalin, founder of the organization Party with Consent has to say about the messages received from media about sex and how this contrasts with real life. 


  • Physical, Emotional, & Sexual Violence
    Preventing, identifying, reducing, ending, and recovering from all types of relationship aggression (physical, emotional, and sexual)
    Decision Making in Relationships
    From every day moments to large relationship transitions: understanding and improving decision making in romantic relationships
    Social Pressure & Support
    Understanding and managing the influence of friends and family on romantic relationships and vice-versa
    Media & Technology
    The influence of media and technology on romantic relationships
    Relationship Education
    Accessing knowledge to enhance your positive contributions to a relationship in the present or future
    Risky Behaviors
    Learning what behaviors put you and your relationship at risk for distress and ways to create more adaptive behaviors
    Development, culture, and values related to human sexuality and talking about sex in relationships