How Does Your Relationship Status Benefit You?

The grass seems greener on the other side, but your status has its perks too! You're in good company and Relevate has your back. 


Single and (Not?) Lonely: How Socially Connected are Married vs. Single People

Being single is not actually a lonely status like the stereotype suggests. In fact, single people often have more contact with family and friends compared to those in relationships! Read on as Dr. Benjamin Le at Science of Relationships busts this myth. 


  • Social Pressure & Support
    Understanding and managing the influence of friends and family on romantic relationships and vice-versa
    Maintaining Self in Relationships
    Balancing personal and relationship identity development
    The civil, religious, and relational aspects of marriage and how to make it successful
    Mental Health & Personal Development
    Understanding and maximizing what each person brings to their romantic relationships and how relationships impact our mental health