Why You Should Have More Empathy

Being sensitive to others' feelings and expressing that empathy can help relationships. The ability to express empathy in a caring way can be genetic, but is often a result of one's childhood obervations of what people around them did in the face of emotions. Thankfully, science shows us that simply making efforts to express empathy increases relationship happiness. 


  • Communication & Conflict
    The delicate art of communication in romantic relationships
    Dating, Courtship, & Relationship Development
    Understanding relationship development and strategies for successfully beginning and fostering a romantic relationship
    Social Pressure & Support
    Understanding and managing the influence of friends and family on romantic relationships and vice-versa
    Impact of Childhood Family Processes on Offspring Romantic Relationships
    How one’s experiences interacting with important others growing up influence adult romantic relationships and strategies for keeping the positives and changing what’s not working
    Gender Identity & Roles
    Gender identity: how it develops over time, how it plays out in romantic relationships, and strategies for negotiating roles in relationships