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We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners who are on a mission to make research-based information about interpersonal relationships accessible to all. As part of this mission, we are creating a website and smart phone app that can be tailored to meet the needs of each user. We believe healthy relationships are worth working for. Do you?

Healthy Communication Tips

Coconuts, horsemen, and time-outs: Tips for improving communication in all of your relationships!


The Keys to a Happier, Healthier Sex Life

Great news... we're all sexually normal! Listen to Dr. Emily Nagoski share her research on what makes us normal, what turns us on and off, and how to fully embrace our sexual desires with confidence and without shame! 


  • Sexuality
    Development, culture, and values related to human sexuality and talking about sex in relationships
  • What Young Adults Really Want from the "Birds and the Bees"

    Talking to your kids about sex can be scary! Here are some tips from young adults that you can incorporate into your talks with your child


    How Violent Relationships Increase Drug Use

    Nabila El-Bassel explains her research findings on what leads women in abusive relationships to turn to drugs to cope and the unexpected dangers that brings.


  • Physical, Emotional, & Sexual Violence
    Preventing, identifying, reducing, ending, and recovering from all types of relationship aggression (physical, emotional, and sexual)
    Substance Use & Addiction
    Understanding how alcohol and drug use can influence relationships and options for responding to and recovering from it
  • Gratitude in Romantic Relationships

    How does gratitude benefit romantic relationships? Here's some easy suggestions on how you can express your gratitude to your partner!


    Grandfamilies in the U.S.

    What struggles do grandparents raising grandchildren face and what policy improvements might help them meet these challenges?


    Communicating with a partner about Pornography

    Story of how one couple opened up about pornography in their lives and the role it would play in their relationship.


  • Communication & Conflict
    The delicate art of communication in romantic relationships
    Decision Making in Relationships
    From every day moments to large relationship transitions: understanding and improving decision making in romantic relationships
    Mate Selection
    The process of choosing a partner
    Development, culture, and values related to human sexuality and talking about sex in relationships
    Recognizing and understanding how partners’ values (e.g., adventure, commitment, humor, etc.) influence expectations and behaviors in romantic relationships
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