Writing to Heal: The Impact of Expressive Writing on Individual and Relational Well-Being

Grabbing that pen and paper could make a difference for you! Writing about yourself and your relationships has the power to help you understand more about your experiences and yourself as found in research. Check out this article at the Science of Relationships blog to learn more about how exactly to engage in this helpful practice as told by Dr. Jessica Moore. 


  • Communication & Conflict
    The delicate art of communication in romantic relationships
    Dating, Courtship, & Relationship Development
    Understanding relationship development and strategies for successfully beginning and fostering a romantic relationship
    Maintaining Self in Relationships
    Balancing personal and relationship identity development
    The civil, religious, and relational aspects of marriage and how to make it successful
    Preventing Relationship Distress & Instability
    Factors that decrease risk and increase protective factors of romantic relationships
    Relationship Maintenance
    Ways to keep your relationship working and healthy
    Stress, Resilience, & Coping
    How to manage stress coming from outside or inside a romantic relationship
    The influence of past and current traumatic events on romantic relationships and vice-versa