Article Title: Envisioning Your Future

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Become a vision builder with your partner. Follow this brief activity to help you and your partner articulate a vision for the future. 

Communication & Conflict
The delicate art of communication in romantic relationships
Dating, Courtship, & Relationship Development
Understanding relationship development and strategies for successfully beginning and fostering a romantic relationship
The civil, religious, and relational aspects of marriage and how to make it successful
Mental Health & Personal Development
Understanding and maximizing what each person brings to their romantic relationships and how relationships impact our mental health
Preventing Relationship Distress & Instability
Factors that decrease risk and increase protective factors of romantic relationships
Relationship Maintenance
Ways to keep your relationship working and healthy
Life Transitions
Managing the uncertainty and competing demands that come with certain life transitions (going to college, starting a career, moving, etc.) while in or preparing for a romantic relationship